What Does It Feel To Be a Thirdwheel?

Recently, a close-best-loyal-trusted and my confidant had her first boyfriend after more than 8 years. Their love story may be different to yours but theirs is God's perfect time. I witness how their love story unfold, from being high school classmate - crush - friends - special friends - stranger - friends - special friends … Continue reading What Does It Feel To Be a Thirdwheel?


5 Things that Traveling Solo Taught Me

YOU SET A GOAL. Setting a goal for some might be exhausting when you think of it first but when you finally achieved it then your desire of achieving another goal will be easy. When I had my first solo travel, I told myself that this will not be the last but will be one … Continue reading 5 Things that Traveling Solo Taught Me

Creamy Carbonara Recipe

Servings: 10-12 Preparation Time: 15minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Ingredients 1 kilo linguine pasta 4pcs 250ml all-purpose cream 165g Eden cheese, cut into dice 400g Honeycured bacon, cut into dice 400g Mushroom in can (Pieces and Stems) 1 pork/beef cube melted in 3 tbsp of hot water 220g Grated Parmesan Cheese Salt and Pepper ***Optional for garnish: … Continue reading Creamy Carbonara Recipe

What To Do in Cagsawa Ruins?

The Cagsawa Ruins is situated in Daraga, Albay it has its tragic story when the Mayon volcano erupted and eventually become one of the top tourist destination in Bicol because of its proximity to the volcano.  Indeed, you can capture a picturesque landscape of Mayon. Locals say that it was a beautiful disaster. Imagine how high … Continue reading What To Do in Cagsawa Ruins?